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 As you know, I am not an expressive person. How can I express the growth I am experiencing in words? Still I will try. 

It all started back in mid December 2021.. all of a sudden I felt lost. Couldn't understand whom to share my problems, what I was going through, those horrible situation was killing me inside. I couldn't find any reliable person to share. As not everybody can be trusted in some sensible situation.


Then I thought of approaching you. As we are family members, it was somewhat difficult for me to express those stuffs to you which is quite natural. But the trust u showed towards me made me feel comfortable. I almost forgot that we r related. And then started my endless nagging, the way u handled that stage of mine is something I won't forget throughout my life.

Then step by step whatever u told I did.. not all I were able to do TBH but yeah tried to make it to the extent I could. The kindness and support u had and still showing to me, yes I am grateful to have you in my life. As a relative, as a friend, as a brother or as a mentor.. whatever it is.. u were always there just a ping away.

Now about how my life is changing... now even the smallest ever things make me happy. I started seeing a situation in the most positive manner possible, I try not to make a situation complex like I used to. Tries to be in the moment. Rest will continue n I know u r there for me always. 

Thanks so much for all the support u r giving to me. Thanks for understanding me n not being judgemental like others. That's the main plus point in you. Written this vast thing. There are more. But don't know how to express.

Nitusmita Paul

Sri Lanka

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