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Lost But Successful!!!

How to turn your failures into opportunities for success?

Well, everyone in this world will ponder around this question at some moment in their lives when they are really committed to making something happen and to their dismay, it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to happen. On the contrary, they may receive the opposite. Then this question pops up and we think, “Why can’t we always be victorious in our endeavours? Is there any way that we can turn out as a successful life?” Well, if you are on the same page, then I may have an answer for you. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on where you stand, the answer may be a little technical. So buckle up, the lecture is going to start.

We as human beings have two main aspects integrated as a whole so that we can experience this life. One is our physical aspect which includes our body, mind, emotions and energies and the other, the non-physical or spiritual aspect which includes us in our purest essence. When we are in the material world, we have to abide by the laws of the physical which state that every individual will be unique in their capabilities and competencies and no one can be the same as another. So, there will always be someone who can do a particular task better than us and also someone who will not be as good. Success basically means fulfilling the very intent for which the given action was performed. So, if you take small wins and losses as a parameter to gauge your success, you will always be in the rat race because there will always be ‘n’ a number of factors that will be at play. If you still want to win, you have to upgrade your body, mind, emotions and energies to such an extent that you become even more competent to control those ‘n‘ number of factors that affect your chances of success. The yogic system is full of all sorts of tools that are dedicated to upgrading your existing faculties to such an extent that for others, you may be perceived as a superhuman. I am not exaggerating. Well, you may have heard about certain yogis drinking mercury, walking on fire, living their life without eating, drinking, urinating, excreting etc just to show that they are yogis. But, I am not coaxing you to be one of them. My point is, in the physical universe, if you don’t get success, it simply indicates that there was something that you could have done better and to achieve that, you will have to enhance your faculties, only then you can ensure success which may still need two other ingredients, which, I will discuss some other time. But success in life means something different. Are you expressing yourself in your fullest possible unique expression of this creation? Or are you progressing towards that stage through the course of your life? If you are a big yes to any of these questions, then my friend, you are succeeding as a life. No matter how your situation might be. If it is aiding you to expand yourself to become more competent and inclusive, you are definitely on the path to success. Because truth be told, the goal of life is nothing but to expand yourself to your fullest possibility and your life situations are nothing but only a means to get you there.

Love and Joy

Subham 🙂

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