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Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction craze is going all over the world, especially in the neo spiritual communities and manifestation gurus claiming to get your ex back and get unlimited sums of money. So what is this law of attraction and should you use law of attraction to aid your desires?

Check this article to know.

So, basically those who are not familiar with law of attraction, let me explain it to you in simple terms. Law of attraction states that everything in this world is just energy which is reverberating with a particular frequency. Even our thoughts, emotions, body are just vibrations. So, all things that are vibrating at the same frequency will attract each other and vice versa. So, if you are happy and joyful, you will automatically start attracting peopl.e, places, situations, oppportunities which will be a reflection of your inner state of being.

This law is not new to yogis and mystics. Mystics have used this law for millineas to make their vision manifest into reality. But here is the catch. You should be very careful what you desire for because it may have happened to you many times that what you may have desired strongly at one point in life, you were glad that it didn’t manifest. So, Subham you mean that we should not desire? No, I didn’t mean that. You should desire but also make sure that the desire is in accordance to the script that you, as a life, has chosen, not as a person. But how do I know what script have I chosen as a life? I know you would ask that and here is the answer.

When you are oblivious of your own script as a life, a guru is the one who has access and can see what script have you written for you as a life and he just facilitates so that you reach your goal. Otherwise if you can’t find a guru, a deity is the next best thing. A deity is someone who is a personal manifestation of the cosmic intelligence so that he/she can be relatable to you. He/she has a perception which is much larger than you and can act as your higher self which can guide you towards fulfilment of your script that you have written as a life. One more advantage that you get with the deity is parental lock which means if you have a specific desire, you can approach the deity and if the desire is accordance to the script, the energies of the deity will help you to achieve it but if it is not so, it won’t happen. It gives you the freedom to think all over the place but be 100% sure that the desire won’t jeopardise life’s pain for you.

Are you connected to a deity or a guru? Tell me in the comments below.

Love and Joy

Subham :)

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