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The Algorithm Of Life

We are busy creating the life we want. Why not? It is the strive for success that keeps us going and chasing the goal. But in spite of everything, very few can genuinely admit that they can enjoy perennial success. Often what attracts us initially, becomes the source of constant anxiety. But why so? The answer is simple, we need to understand what success is and what are the ingredients of success.

Success is comprised of 3 ingredients, your competence, grace and luck. Out of these 3, in today’s article I am going to discuss about luck. But what is luck? The proper alignment of events and situations favouring what we do but there is a secret to it. Many have tried to deduce the phenomenon of luck through various equations but what I have perceived is this luck has its own intelligence and the most confidential aspect, she is feminine.

Yup. You read it right. Luck is feminine. Let me explain. Let’s imagine the existence to be a video game. If the existence is a video game, then there must also be a video gamer who is playing the video game. We call the video gamer to be the divine masculine and the video game to be divine feminine. In other words, the whole existence is just a result of the two forces, masculine and the feminine, playing together. In short, the feminine energy is the basis of all that we see and perceive and she has her own intelligence and this is the intelligence that manifests in the creation with so much diversity and complexity.

One aspect of the feminine is the algorithm which is calibrated towards keeping us engaged in the game of life, similarly how the Instagram algorithm works behind reels to keep us engaged. As the choice of our videos feeds the algorithm on what kind of reels to put forward in our feed. In the similar way, the response that we give to the situations around us feed the cosmic algorithm on what kind of situations to put forward in our life. In layman terms, karma. Now, there are two aspects of this algorithm, the one who us calibrated to keep us entangled in the game of life is identified as Mahamaya by the mystics and the one who is calibrated to our expansion and to complete the game of life is Yogmaya. Now, there are various aspects to these expansions of feminine energy which I will discuss later but for now, so that you understand, there are devices, tools and technologies which can be used to make the algorithm work in our favour and when it works in our favour, we call it ‘Saubhagya’ or good luck and which ultimately leads to success.

Like there are various applications where we can access the algorithm and make changes to it to suit our needs. In a similar manner, in the game of life there are specific days, clustered as 9, which have been identified by the mystics where it is possible to access this algorithm of life and make it work in our favour. Those 9 nights are called ‘Navratri’ or the nine nights of divine feminine. Navratri holds tremendous opportunities for everyone but only a few can harness its bounty. I will expound more on this in my future posts. I hope you can make use of the 9 nine nights to become not only successful as a person but also successful as a life.

Joy and Love

Subham :)

P.S: I will be soon launching a program where you can learn to use the tools and technologies to make the algorithm of life work in your favour and be empowered in the game of life. Do check the website regularly for more updates.

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