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The True Success

As I am sitting on a comfy chair in the Chandigarh airport waiting for my bus to Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. I have ample time to ponder about, things happening in and around me. As I observe people around me, it baffles and pains me at the same time. Why? You ask.

It baffles me because people keep on going around living their lives as if they are here for eternity, cribbing, crying and cursing around when the truth is, life can end any moment, there is actually no guarantee, yet they go on postponing things that actually matter and involve themselves in affairs that consume them and at the end, lead to regret. And the most painful truth is the one key that is the basis of everything they want, which is that sense of achievement, fulfilment and pleasantness is hidden in plain sight.

How? You ask. That is what I am here to expound on.

In my previous posts, I may have discussed that Hindu is a geographical identity of a land between the Himalayas and Indu Sagara (Indian Ocean) and the culture which has been born out of this land is called the Sanatan Dharma or ‘The Laws of the Eternal’. The Sanatan Culture’s quest is to research and identify all the laws/ dharma of the different facets of the existence from the gross physical to the subtlest so that it can be used to flower the individual genius that each human being has so that a wonderful civilisation can be crafted. Hence, there are so many books in the culture and myriad traditions of all kinds, each dedicated to exploration of a specific facet of universal existence are present. And since technology is the product of the times we exist, hence it is mandatory to update it after a certain period of time. That is why, the culture always revises its methods and traditions at a frequent interval of time with sages and seers marketing their new tech appropriate to their times, for the well being of the civilisation.

The knowledge that is imparted by me is through my direct experience, not by reading books or by vomiting words from someone else. I sincerely admit that I am not a scholar but a seeker who knows things directly from his/her direct experience. To be a scholar, you need to have information collected by studying and analysing a thousand of books and research journals and quoting the statements from where you based your opinion on. But, for me, it is not true, especially when it comes to existential aspects of life.Hence, I can’t quote any scriptures but I am definitely sure that what I speak is either documented already in the scriptures of the Sanatan Dharma by an esteemed Rishi/Sage or will soon be compiled because I want you to know, that is how the culture always has been. It is not some kind of a belief system but a profound sense of knowing after intensive seeking and experimentation on oneself and around in all aspects of life.

Why am I sharing you this is because I want you to see the Sanatan Dharma through the lens of an inquiositor, not as a religion because the fundamental definition of religion which is a belief system doesn’t apply to this culture as this culture has produced tech and experiments so that you can discover the truth yourself, no need to rely on me or the scriptures to accept blindly what we say.

Coming back to where I was, and cutting the saga short, the sages and seers, identified specific elements in the existence which are conscious in itself and represented various forces that pervaded all aspects of the existence from gross to subtlest and classified them as deities. Hence, a deity is an energy form which represents a particular aspect of the existence and holds the knowledge of that particular aspect in itself. Maybe, what I am speaking will make little to no sense to you now but it is only through your experimentation and seeking will you know what I am talking about. To dumb down the stuff that I am talking, the deities can be compared to various program files that make up the video game of existence. When you play a video game especially in your PC, there is one thing experiencing and enjoying the game and there is another thing going into the program files in the game folder and seeing the individual files and codes that the game is comprised of. Changing the content in those files can seriously change many features of the game itself, pop and vanish characters and props or even add or eliminate quests of the game itself. Similarly is with this existence.

The Sages compared this universe as the leela of Shiva and Shakti which means literally a game of the divine masculine and divine feminine. Hence, if we take the analogy, different deities are just windows of access to different program files of this game of existence and through them, you can write, rewrite, undo and delete aspects of your life and also the existence itself. I know, it sounds as fairy tailish as it is exciting. But I am just sharing you my personal truth and the truth of the culture that I am so grateful and proud to be born into. The reason I talk about deities is not because they will take me to heaven or save me from eternal hellfire but because I am the witness of the profound transformation that their presence has made in my life and the lives around me. I talk about them more like an excellent piece of technology that is absolutely relevant and utmost needed in today’s society as the human race is in the brink of a mental pandemic. So I ask you to look at them as an esteemed piece of technology that you can transact with, in real and accomplish many things if only you know how to use it properly.

It is not possible to vomit all the knowledge that I have assimilated in my being through years of discrete investigation and experimentation but I can expound briefly on one such deity which is the prime goal of everyone especially in today’s world whether they acknowledge it consciously or unconsciously, which is none other than Lakshmi herself.

Lakshmi is also popularly known as Sri, not only because she is the ultimate ashraya/ refuge of all in the existence but also because of her ever changing form whether it is as weather, season, climate or nature. She is the goddess of opulence, prosperity, abundance, material and spiritual wealth, beauty and physical pleasures of life. She makes sure that your life remains vibrantly colourful. So when you access or invoke her, your life will include the perk of material comfort. Things will start to become frictionless and resources will gather around you in such a way that it assists the activity that you are doing and want to do in the world. As her name literally means, Lakshmi, the energy which takes me to my Lakshya/Goal. Since, generally money does the same thing, hence, the Sanatani literatue also attributes it as Lakshmi, whether it may be a vehicle, a contact, a relationship, a skill, a knowledge, anything that helps to reach your goal is the attribute of Lakshmi. True abundance is reflected when you have choices in life, you are not tied to do or be anything or anyone in this existence you don’t want to be. That is what the Goddess aims to do in your life, to craft the tapestry of your life in such a way that you don’t live like a slave but as an emperor. Millions in your bank account but can’t use it in the time of need is not abundance but having nothing in your account but the funds getting arranged at the specific time when your need them is real abundance. What is the use of a vehicle that you can’t enjoy or use whereas not owning a vehicle but accessing one whenever you require without needing to pay for it is true opulence. What is the use of having a family when they can’t support you and forsake you in the time of need and getting a caring and dedicated community in a place where you have never been to, members who are dedicated to work for your well-being and provide a strong support system in times of need is true familial wealth. What is the use of a house that is more a liability while getting a house with the same level of comfort without having to pay the liability in any way is true material comfort. I can go on and on and on as these are real experiences from my own life itself. I am not here to flex but to let you know that this can be your story too but unfortunately people think that hard work will get them to success but often forget that it is the smart work that gets you to true success.

What is true success? You may ask. According to me, true success is when you are at your death bed and auditing your life at the last moment, and find that you are fully satisfied and fulfilled with what you did and didn’t do in life with no regrets and a smile manifests in your lips as a consequence. You are filled with immense gratitude instead of bewilderment and fear. And that is what I do everyday. I always ask myself,’If this is the last moment and I have to leave my body now, will I leave it hassle free with a big smile?’ And the answer is always a big YES! Thanks to my silent partner Sri, who is more than anything but silent in various aspects when it comes to experience of life itself.

You may ask, “But Subham, I don’t see you doing anything significant that you can conclude you have lived your life and became a true success.” I totally agree but this is the thing to understand, activity should be a consequence of how you are inside, not the vice versa because if activity is deciding your self worth and experience of life, Bioy! You are a slave and my goddess has always made sure that I live nad experience life as an Emperor not as a slave. What activity I choose to do or not to do is completely my choice, not influenced by my peers or the society or even the nature itself. I live life as i see appropriate and that’s where the real lavishness is. Not getting affected by how people see or treat you because you know, who you are nad what you can and cannot do. That is what real royalty is. That mindset and power is what the Goddess actually bestows upon you.

And when this happens, do you think you are tormented with mental stress, anxiety and depression? But this is the plight of todays humanity that they will beat around the bush and suffer instead of experimenting and finding ever lasting peace and true prosperity,

So I hope, this article may serve as a beacon of hope that there is a life beyond suffering and plight and Lakshmi is the one you need beside you to make that possibility into a reality in your life.

Sri Matre Namah

Always by your side


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