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How to Get Started With Spirituality

Although I have been reiterating it in my previous posts what spirituality is and how spirituality and mysticism, although they sound similar, are distinct from each other, you have decided to take your first baby steps towards spirituality. Do not worry, we have got you.

Spirituality means the science of knowing oneself, the truth about your existence, the basis of who you are. Although it seems fanciful and its rewards, incomparable, the path however is very deceitful if you don’t know the terrain well. Let’s try to comprehend it with ‘The Purusharth Model’ proposed by the Himalayan Mystics which the spiritual ethos of India has widely adopted.

The Purusharth Model

Before we start with the model, it is imperative for us to understand what ‘Purusharth’ means and even before that what “Purusha’ means. “Pur’ means a city and ‘Purusha’ refers to the one who lives in that city. Now the term “Pur’ can be taken in the context of a geographical city, planet, house, room or even our own body. Himalayan mystics have identified our body as similar to a city with 9 gates viz, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, one mouth, one opening of the genitalia and one of the anus. However, to know who we are in its truest essence, we have to complete 3 milestones in our life, only after which, realisation takes place. Those milestones are as follows-


Dharma means a ‘law’. Laws are rules that are made so that a system can function effectively with the least amount of friction. In society also we see laws are made so that it can run effectively with the least amount of friction. Well, it is not only the society that follows laws, even our body, mind, emotions, life energies, planet, galaxy, and universe, existence abides by its innate laws and when you are in sync with the innate laws of the existence, we say you are following the ‘Sanatan Dharma’ or ‘the laws of the eternal’. So, if you want to know your eternal nature, it can only be possible when you are following ‘the laws of the eternal’ or the “Sanatan Dharma”. Now the question arises, how will we know what are the laws of existence and how to sync ourselves with them so that we realise our true selves? Good question. This is where you approach a Guru. A guru is someone who has experientially realised his true self and has perceived the laws of the eternal through the heightening of his perception. He has the clarity to identify all the laws and utilise those in favour of one’s ascension and growth. The one who doesn’t have clarity about what the laws are and how to use them, can’t become a Guru, no matter how many scriptures he/she has memorised. Hence, the first Purushartha is ‘Dharma’ which simply means know the laws of the terrain before you start your journey otherwise, intense hard work in the wrong direction will only lead to deceit and futility.


Once you are in sync with the laws/ Dharma of the terrain that you will be making your journey to, it is imperative to gauge,’Do you have the needed resources/Arth to make the journey first of all?’Because, if you don’t have it, you may crash in the middle of the journey, worse die altogether. Hence, the second milestone is all about gathering the needed resources which make you competent enough to make the journey. But Subham, how do we know what resources will we need so that we can make the journey? Good question. The answer is again, Guru. Since, Guru has travelled the path, he/she has the needed resources to make you competent enough to make the journey. If he can’t, he is not worthy enough to be a Guru at the first place. Hence, the second Purushartha is Artha which simply means gathering of the resources for your journey.


Once everything is set, you are ready to start the journey, the only ingredient now which will decide if you can finish the journey or not is Kama or your intense desire/passion to know who you are. You have to be lusty enough to see it through. In the previous two milestones, Guru is there to see it through, if he is a competent one, of course. But to complete this milestone, you need your cooperation, without your cooperation, everything is futile. But how do I get lusty enough to see it through the journey, Subham? Good question. My answer again, Guru. A competent Guru knows what are reinforcements are needed by the person to stick through the journey of self-realisation and at which points to offer it to the person so that the lust to know it all has no bounds. Only when these three milestones/Purushartha of Dharma, Artha, and Kama are completed will you attain your goal which is considered as the final milestone of one’s life which is Moksha or self-realisation, nirvana, enlightenment, whatever you may want to call it.

Now, the best thing about ‘Transcend Sutras’ is that we cater to every milestone from orienting you with the laws, to the diverse range of resources, to providing you with the reinforcements at time intervals appropriate for your journey so that you can see it through. The path is tailor made which is appropriate to you and you only so that you can continue to your destination of awakening while enjoying in the process. Because, truth be told, if you are not enjoying the journey, spiritual process can feel like torture but our proven methods have worked with all kinds of people so you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Book your first session today and step into the journey of your most potent self.

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