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Mindset hack to live a pro life

Updated: Mar 3

These mindset hack will help you not only to de stress yourself but will also provide clarity on how you are experiencing life.

And this hack takes less than a minute to implement.

From childhood, we are forced to go through play school, kindergarten, schooling and university. We devote a great chunk of our life into learning subjects that we expect to provide us with financial security and social reputation. But for many of us, it doesn’t turn out to be as we expected. For those, who achieve it, maybe they had to compromise in other areas of life meaning, family, relationships, health and many of us are living in the bubble that no pain and no gain.

But if I tell you that you won’t have to compromise in these aspects of life to achieve a goal, would you believe me?

To become an expert in anything, we have to approximately spent 10,000 hours in practising that skill, a research suggests. Now let me ask you a simple, logical question. How many hours have you spent in practising the skill on how to live life?

Oh what? Why do we need to study how should we live? When there are so many milestones to achieve, so many increments to get, so many relationships to build? I get you and you are exactly correct. But tell me this, if you jump into F1 racing without knowing anything how to drive a race car, how would you feel at that spot when you are racing? Exactly. Now compare it in your lives and see if the feeling is mutual?

Now let me ask you another question, is the stress and fear that you feel while driving the car be eliminated completely or significantly subsidised?

Yes, if you know how the car works and learn how to drive it. Then why do we fail to acknowledge this simple truth in case of our lives. We as human beings have the most sophisticated gadget that anyone could ever make. Our bodies, minds, energies and emotions are different aspects of the vehicle that take us forward in life.

What do you think now? Why can’t you eliminate stress from your lives, no matter how much financial and social securities you build in your life thinking maybe this will let you sleep quietly in your bed at night but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work.

It doesn’t, because you are addressing the wrong issue. Stress is not a cause but a symptom that something we should have known about ourselves and life, we don’t know it yet. It is not the time to panic but an opportunity to turn inward, to study this ‘self’ and that is what yogic sciences have always explored.

There are two aspects in the entire existence- one is you as ‘self’ and another is the nature or environment around us. When yogic sciences explore the self, study its components and the way it works, we term that branch as ‘spirituality’ and when the same yogic sciences explore the constituents of the environment and nature, we term that branch as ‘mysticism’. This is the most simplistic definition I can ever give to you.

Now you tell me, you are experiencing everything from within you, if you sleep, the world ceases to exist. When everything that you do or don’t do, happens through you, isn’t it important to invest a significant amount of time to study yourself? Because this investment of life will give you the highest return on investment, believe me.

Throughout my life, I have been dealing with vision impairment. but fortunately, I was interested in learning about myself more intimately and the nature around me in a holistic way. I can’t even express the freedom that I experience on a daily basis in every aspect of life, finance, relationships, dealing with society, everything. Because i just did one thing right, that was to establish myself firmly in my being and rest everything fell into the right place. Whether an outcome is according to me, or not according to me, I have the same pleasant experience. Outside situations don’t dictate how i feel and this has made me authentic and making people easily drawn to me.

The best thing, I don’t have to act or use any personality hack to entice people. Neither did I invest in any personality coaching. All this is because I have invested in dealing with the root issue that is understanding and knowing myself. Now finally, before I take my leave, I want to ask you a simple question?

How much is this life and experience of life worth to you actually? Do you want to stress yourselves up and panic and suffer every time something happens which you may have not expected or you want to take charge of life, understand and know yourself and establish yourself so firmly that no matter what happens, you are unshakable and this percolates to every sphere of life? Whether you want every moment to be a festival and a vacation or hope to find some days where you can chill without any continuous chatter in your mind? I will leave this decision to you

Now before I take my leave, here is a simple tool for you to exercise:

Sit wherever you are when you are stressed or frustrated and take 11 deep breaths. With each inhalation, say to yourself, “ I am not this body.” And with each exhalation say to yourself, “ i am not this mind.”

Make use of this tool and let me know your experience.

I will speak to you soon. Till then, take care and remember, “Life is the most precious thing one can ever have. Spent it wisely.”

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