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The Secret to Manifestation

Most of us are always fascinated by how to manifest whether it be situations, people or things in our lives. However, the key to manifestation has always been kept secret, especially by yogis, mystics and alchemists throughout the ages. Because, in the wrong hands, imagine what the world can become. Hence, I won't reveal everything in this post but enough to get you kickstarted on the journey to manifest the life of your dreams. So are you ready, let's get started.

Everything you can see and experience in this existence is actually a dream. The mystics throughout the planet and ages have attested to the truth that reality is actually relative and it is also, in my experience that we can change our reality as our perception gets more and more higher through various spiritual processes that we go through. So, the phenomenon of life is nothing but the dream of collective consciousness that is always on. But now the question arises, if what we are experiencing is actually a dream then how do we take charge so that we can manifest the life we want?

The answer is simple, you have to realise the truth and then create a conscious dream. You have to imagine it as vividly as possible, the dream that you want yourself to be in viz. your life. From the people you are with to the aesthetics of your house, to the moments you are having, like a cinema scriptwriter, try to jot down everything on a piece of paper and then wear the director's cap, figuratively, of course, if you want to, you can wear a real cap too, to set the mood. Now, in the canvas of your mind direct the script to the t. Assure yourself that what you are seeing as a movie has already happened. Start doing this practice just before you go to sleep and as you wake up from sleep. I assure you if you can be consistent with this practice, day in and out, your life will manifest but here is a catch, don't change your dream every other day, it must be constant throughout the practice. This is the reason I said, to script everything to the t. If your dreams get changed every day because it was a whim, then your manifestation won't be fruitful.

But there is more to it. What? yes. See, if you see all around, those who are talking about the manifestation, mostly teach the dull process which is bicycling to your dreams. But the Himalayan mystics have always explored the aspect of manifestation and invented various tools and technologies that speed up the process to a great extent. And coming from the lineage and a student of mystical sciences,, I have no hesitation in saying, that to this day, I use mystical machines which are calibrated for manifestation and throughout my life, I have been manifesting things, people and situations effortlessly without lifting out my pinky finger.

How I do it is I connect the mystical machine to my energy body, give it a prompt and leave it. Since it is a non-physical machine, its efficiency is 100 per cent. It can work 24/7 without any wear and tear and the best part, the machine has its own innate intelligence, so it can empathize with me, and make tweaks along the way so that the result is much more beautiful than what I could have imagined.

For most of my life, I didn't receive much friction because I was smart enough to invest myself into non-physical machine learning and find out how these mystical machines work and after much learning, I have been successful in using and giving away the manual to many people who themselves are using it successfully and are married to the life of their dreams or working in the position they have always wanted. Is it possible? Very much.

But to be honest, when you learnt computers, you had to be devoted a certain amount of your time to learn even its basic functions and now, look at you, you are surfing the internet like a pro. Similarly, you have to invest a fair amount of time to learn how these machines work but once you do, the results exceed your expectations.

Transcend Sutras' mission is to empower those who want to create a world full of love, joy and abundance and it is possible only through one's intention and involvement. If you think you are the one, don't hesitate to book your first session today and start your journey to a more beautiful world.

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