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Unveiling the Essence of Spirituality and Mysticism: Discovering the Rules of Life

When discussing spirituality, what is the first thought that comes to our mind? Meditation? Mindfulness? Tarot? Crystals? A lean starving man with bare minimum clothes, knotted hair, big white beard sitting on top of a mountain, eyes closed? Probably, but today what you will know about spirituality will change your perspectives forever. With that, you will also get the barometer to gauge someone else’s spiritual process and most importantly, yours.

So, before starting any game, you need to know the rules of the game. Without knowing the rules if you jump into action, I can only imagine what you will make of yourself in front of everyone. And you are not alone, I did it too, many times. But due to those really bitter-sweet experiences, life pushed me to a corner so that I was forced to uncover the rules of life, the subtle laws that govern each of us in ways we can’t even fathom. But before we study the laws and rules that govern our surroundings which in turn impact us, the first priority should be to know what are our rules and laws we abide by, which we are not even aware of but 99.999% of our actions, whether it be physical, emotional, mental and energy, are in coherence with those rules. Just imagine if you found the rules that you created, although unconsciously, and that govern 99.999% of your actions, Volla! You could change the course of your life 99.999% and that is the purview of spirituality.

The English term ‘Spirituality’ does not provide an apt definition to what it is but the Sanskrit term aptly does. In Sanskrit, which is the most ancient language, terms spirituality as ‘Adhyatma’ which comes from two words, ‘Addhayan’ and ‘Atman’. ‘Addhayan’ means ‘to study’ and ‘Atman’ means ‘the self’. So spirituality basically means ‘the study of the self’. Through spirituality, you learn more about yourself, what are you? How you act, respond, learn, see, feel, the metaphysical, everything, that is there to be known from your origin to your ultimate, comes under spirituality. And all the processes which help you to unravel who you are, are called spiritual processes. So, now you have the barometer to know whether a process is serving the function of a spiritual process or not.

But Subham, what about that 0.0001% which I can’t control? Are there ways through which I can know the rules of my environment and surroundings and how it impacts me so that I can also have mastery over my environment? You asked and we have got it covered. See, you are not the only one who has asked this question. Thousands of years ago, the sages and seers also pondered about it and hence, started the field of mysticism. The quest of mystical sciences is to demystify the phenomenon that happens related to life, death and other sorts which are mystical to our five senses, in a relatively comprehensive manner. Mysticism dwells in all the subtle laws that govern the universe at all levels and uses those laws to conduct experiments about life or enhance the quality of our life. Spells, Wicca, vodoo, tarot, crystals, disembodied beings etc fall under the purview of mysticism.

So now you know, what is spirituality and mysticism and why you need it to enhance your life. But before I take my leave, just know this; Stress and Anxiety are just a notification to remind you of the truth that there are certain rules that you should have known before you jumped into the action and the best time to know those rules are NOW.

Love and Joy,


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